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  October 2010
eMercury Message Pad version 1.02.100 released with attaching a file to your message capabilities

January 2010
eMercury Message Pad version 1.02.063
released with MyMessages, log your own voice mail messages

October 2008
eMercury Message Pad version 1.02 released with reporting capabilities

September 2008
eMercury Message Pad version 1.01 released with customisation capabilities

March 2008
eMercury Message Pad version 1.00 released...

Jan 2008
Appsherpas Limited introduces eMercury for Microsoft® Outlook®...


Appsherpas Limited

twenty years of enhancing
the process of communication

"the only limits are those of vision"


Appsherpas Limited
Communication is the life blood of everything one does - a person's relationships, their business and their environment.

The people at Appsherpas have been involved in enhancing the process of communications for large multi-national corporations, individual users and everything in-between for over twenty years.

Increasingly in today's lifestyle, people find themselves always on the move, where access to the many forms of communication available is not always convenient or accessible. With technology constantly finding new ways for us to communicate and control our environment, we can easily feel crowded. Unfortunately, while some communications are important to us, many are important only to the sender. We are therefore developing a sense of loosing control.

Named after the winged messenger, the eMercury suite of products is aimed at the process of communications.

Often it's the small things that count most. The parts that are often ignored but frequently take the most time to complete or have the most interruption impact in the communications process. Using experiences developed over a number of years with many customers, eMercury provide a range of applications that provide big process enhancements to those small forgotten processes, whether the communication is by telephone, SMS, email, fax.

You can communicate without eMercury, we just make it easier to deliver the message.



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