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Save money after
seventeen days

For a receptionist that takes an average of ten telephone messages a day, Message Pad will pay for itself within seventeen days* compared to using the less efficient method of paper phone message pads - that's without considering time saved or lost and late messages.

Also consider - if you take an average of six msgs a day then Message Pad will pay for itself within the 28 day free evaluation period.

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*price comparison against a full license cost of message pad against an online cost of a popular paper phone message pad purchase. Buy multiple licenses in a  license pack and save even more.



  October 2010
eMercury Message Pad version 1.02.100 released with attaching a file to your message capabilities

January 2010
eMercury Message Pad version 1.02.063 released with MyMessages, log your own voice mail messages

October 2008
eMercury Message Pad version 1.02 released with reporting capabilities

September 2008
eMercury Message Pad version 1.01 released with customisation capabilities

March 2008
eMercury Message Pad version 1.00 released...

Jan 2008
Appsherpas Limited introduces eMercury for Microsoft® Outlook®...




eMercury Message Pad

Paper messages... there must be a better way? Try Message Pad for Outlook Are you still using phone message pads, Post-It Notes™, "while you were out" pads or bits of paper for your phone messages?  There is a better way.

Need somewhere to annotate and hold a record of your telephone conversation?

Then get Message Pad and take control of your phone messages:

 Never loose another message again
 Easy to use interface
  Retrieve messages easily 
  Messages date and time stamped automatically 
  Flag email messages for follow up and set high, normal or low priority
  Workgroup management to allow office groups to maximise productivity (requires Microsoft Exchange)
  Message format, text or HTML, can be selected for individual recipient suitability
  Send message as an Email, Task (inserted in Outlook To Do List) and/or SMS text (SMS requires eMercury SMS services)
  Optional spell check against message
 Messages can be picked up remotely using email enabled mobile devices
 Customisation of message Actions to meet organisations business requirements
 Save money and never buy another paper message pad again
 Summary reports showing the messages taken for selected recipients over a user defined period
 Minimise recipient interruption by storing non important messages for distribution in daily summary reports
 Fully integrated with Microsoft® Outlook® 2003, Outlook® 2007 and Outlook® 2010 (32-bit only, no 64-bit support)
 Ideal for sending formatted phone messages to Blackberry®, iPhone and other smart mobile users
 Available for free 28 days evaluation!



Go to Message Pad F.A.Q.s for full details

eMercury Message Pad is installed as an integrated module of Microsoft® Outlook®. When you take a telephone message for a colleague, one click on your Outlook toolbar and you are presented with your electronic message pad.

Fig. 1 Message Pad on the Outlook Toolbar

Telephone Message Pad on the Outlook Actions menu
Fig. 2 Message Pad on the Outlook Actions menu bar

Enter the details offered by the caller, address and send. It's as simple and efficient as that. No lost messages, no looking for your paper message pad, notebook or scraps of paper. Just send, forget and continue with your work before the unscheduled interruption.

Telephone (while you were out) Message Pad. Never loose another telephone message with this simple user interface
Fig 3 A sample completed Message Pad. Click to view full size.

Audited history

Once sent, a copy of the message will be placed in your Sent Message Pad folder in Outlook. This provides you with a time stamped copy of the message taken so that if your colleague telephones for messages, you can see what has been sent to them and read them back without leaving your desk and with the minimum of interruption.

As shown in figure 4, the Sent Message Folder is pre-formatted to allow easy and quick display of messages taken for your colleagues. The view displays all the messages sent, grouped by colleague name, with a preview of the full message when selected.

Telephone messages displayed in easy to view format in Outlook
Fig 4 A sample view of the Sent Message Pad formatted folder.

Received messages

Your colleague will receive the Message Pad message in their Inbox for easy and prompt access. Messages will always be in the same, structured format making the content easy to consume without having to read lengthy, unstructured notes.

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