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  October 2010
eMercury Message Pad version 1.02.100 released with attaching a file to your message capabilities

January 2010
eMercury Message Pad version 1.02.063
released with MyMessages, log your own voice mail messages

October 2008
eMercury Message Pad version 1.02 released with reporting capabilities

September 2008
eMercury Message Pad version 1.01 released with customisation capabilities

March 2008
eMercury Message Pad version 1.00 released...

Jan 2008
Appsherpas Limited introduces eMercury for Microsoft® Outlook®...


eMercury Repeat Appointment F. A. Q.
version 2.02.0

To use Repeat Appointment please follow the instructions listed below.

Create a Repeat Appointment Group:

To create an Appointment Repeat Group in Repeat Appointment perform the following steps.
  1. Create a new appointment in Outlook.
  2. Complete the Subject, Location, Start/End Date, reminder and status fields plus any other appointments fields you need to complete, e.g. Category. This step is optional at this stage but must be completed before the Repeat Group is saved.
  3. Select the Repeat Appt. command from either the Toolbar or Actions menu to display the Repeat Appointment screen.

Sample Repeat Appointment screen showing Daily Repeats

  1. With the Repeat Appointment screen displayed, first select the repeat pattern required, daily, weekly or monthly/yearly on the Range of Repeat Group tab. If manual dates are to be entered go straight to the Repeat Group Dates tab.
  2. Once the repeat pattern is select, choose the days that are required to be repeated and the repeat frequency.
  3. Confirm the start date and select whether a fixed number of dates are to be created in the Repeat Group or whether the pattern will finish by an end date. If unsure then always better to create a smaller repeat group and then update with more dates in the future as required.
  4. If a fixed number of occurrences then enter the number in the End After field or select the end date in the end by field
  5. Once complete, check the details and select the lower Apply command.
  6. Repeat Appointment will now create the appointment dates that match the pattern select and show them in the appointment field on the Repeat Group Dates tab.
  7. Now select the Update function to save the Repeat Group to the open Appointment. The individual appointments have not been created at this stage.
  8. Select Save and Close and the appointment will close and the Repeat Group of appointments will be created and displayed in your Calendar.

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